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This is How it is Done.

Don’t you hope for many customer service experiences that you just won’t forget? I have one. My husband’s phone died and I took it in for a new battery. The phone was so old that batteries for that model were no longer available. I panicked (for my husband) as his contact information might not be retrievable, leading to a difficult and time consuming task of recreating. The sales rep., Brian, said he would keep thinking and would call me. A few hours later, Brian called and said he found my husband’s phone on EBay with a functioning battery. He would buy it and have it overnighted to his home. My husband could select a new model and now have the power to transfer all his contacts into the new phone. Genius and risky as Brian technically was not allowed to use internet while working. My husband wrote to the company’s CEO to make sure he knew about this terrific employee. That letter resulted in Brian being given four box seat tickets to a professional baseball game and the honor of throwing out the first pitch. This young man was thrilled with this once in a lifetime recognition. Brian and I stayed in touch for a time, until his many promotions have now taken him to other cities.

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler