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Directions, Please

Last week was National Customer Service week. Ironically, I had a doozy last week with a rental car. Three GPS devices I was given were defective or issued originally from airports and could not be programmed by local offices. They made me continue to run to various locations for replacements as my trip continued, adding three stops and several hours of time on my part. One office even suggested I might want to go to the major airport (42 miles from the location suggesting this and nowhere near my next destination) to have them program one for me. The fourth location, in a different state, solved it all. He had a functioning device and was the first to be fully knowledgeable about this new ‘airport only’ program. He offered to take the two non-functioning machines and return them for me while the others had said I should hold onto them and turn them in when returning the car. The lesson here is two-fold. This organization needs better training and communication practices throughout all locations, particularly when a ridiculous new process like this is rolled out, and Tim (the fourth location manager) needs to be promoted!

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler