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Speaking of Steaming…

One of the thoughts I pose in “WHY?” is not only that we speak up when service is subpar, but also that we only frequent the establishments that do a great job. I stopped using a dry cleaner because they lost items on two separate occasions, and I don’t mean for just a few days. I mean they were never found again. That was eight years ago! Don’t ask me why, but I decided to try them again with a simple steaming of a new wool poncho that arrived scrunched up in the shipping box. The careless shipping packaging manner from the retailer could be a second story. The gentleman at the cleaner says he can have it ironed and turned around by the next morning. “You can’t iron wool,” I remind him. “You have to steam it.” I left already regretting my decision to give them a second chance.

‘Next morning’ is a bit vague, so I showed up around 10:30 a.m.. The poncho was nowhere to be found. I remind this gentleman that it is brand new. Probably my voice took a turn for stern. I see small beads of sweat forming on his brow. He franticly started calling all the other employees that worked the day before for clues. He finally found it mixed in with the items waiting for alterations. I guess I am lucky that the seamstress didn’t think she was to sew up the sides of the poncho. Oh, and it was still all crumpled. He said to give him one hour.

I gave him four and intended to tell him that my lapse in patronizing them for eight years was going to have a relapse but he didn’t charge me so I decided not to ruin his day. I don’t like to strike out, so I won’t be going back for a third attempt at bat.

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler