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Not a Drop to Drink

So when a water delivery does not show up on the date it was scheduled for, you call them, correct? First the customer service rep spent two minutes repeatedly telling me that their system showed that it was delivered. I started to get a frustrated voice pitch that I really have to continue to justify to the rep on the other end that obviously it got delivered to a wrong address. “Let me just explain. If I was trying to scam you to receive a second delivery, I would have to keep one car outside to make room for a double order.” After that very rational explanation, she finally accepted that I must be right.

We were scheduled for Friday and I was calling Saturday am. She offered to deliver again but the first day she has availability is Tuesday. I asked if she could accommodate an earlier delivery on Monday justly deserving due to the mix-up being on their end. She said she could not. Her system would not let her. “How about a human override?” I ask. She explained that the truck is packed on Friday for Monday deliveries. Isn’t there always a silver lining? I am glad my order is coming Tuesday. Who wants water that has sat in a truck for two days in 85 degree heat?

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler