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WHY? Because They Do it Better

Why is there a presupposition to think of the hospitality industry when customer service is being discussed? Well, it is valid. Hospitality does do a better job. The last six weeks, I have stayed in five different inns/hotels ranging in price from just $130/night to a luxury brand, new to me, for a room rate you would expect. It did not matter. Each one of these establishments showcased warm employees, bending over backward to assist and provide the best service possible. Why aren’t other industries able to pull this off?

Here are some possibilities: Inadequate emphasis to be service-centric by management? Insufficient focus on customer service during on-boarding? Lack of on-going programs and communication to keep the message alive? Limited reference of expected service standards in the performance evaluation process? A customer service department handles this function? (Bad move) No checks and balances from the outside i.e. employee/customer surveys to provide feedback?

Maybe a combination of the above? Organizations might want to take a closer look. It Can Be Done.

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler