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Please Hold – Again

An unbelievable–well not really–phone system set up at my specialty pharmacy. I use them because they do such huge volume that their prices are deeply discounted. I am beginning to think I would rather pay the higher prices at a conventional store. Otherwise, I will surely begin needing an additional prescription for the high blood pressure they caused while trying to reach them. The kicker is how they set it up. The first thing you hear is “Press 1 for Accutane or all other callers remain on the line for the next available associate.” While on hold, I looked it up. Why in the world do they single out one acne medication for a different line? After a few minutes, “Press 1 to leave a message or all other callers remain on the line.” The third time, “Press 1 to remain on the line or wait for the beep to leave a message.” See that trick? Twice they said stay on the line to continue waiting and this time you need to be listening intensely to catch the fact that you need to press 1 to continue holding. Two minutes later, fourth prompt, “Thank you for calling us. Please leave your name, number, and a brief overview of why you are calling and someone will get back to you.” I told you it was unbelievable.

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler