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Future Entrepreneurs

Thank you Connelly School of the Holy Child!  I had a great time speaking with the Junior class as part of their Entrepreneurship Program.  My topic?  What else?  Customer Service. It would be easy to put the service aspect on a back burner with the myriad of additional important matters demanded of a new business owner.  My goal was to help them see the benefits of having a customer focused approach front and center at all times.  We talked about first impressions the customer will make, choices the consumer has these days as well as how important the hiring and training aspects of a business are for success. No Slurpee stands for these Juniors.  The tech savvy gadgets, apps and other creative concepts they have laid out as their business plans are sure to be very attractive to their target audience.  Looking forward to hearing their presentations at the school’s own version of Shark Tank today.   Best of luck, ladies!

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler