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Finally Found One!

I pledged to have exceptional examples of service mingled with experiences that did not quite measure up. While the stellar service examples seem harder to find, I think I found an outstanding example this week that is relatable to many.

At some point, we all need good tradesmen. It was plumbing needs for this household this week. A flush was not flushing and an outside spicket was dripping. I called a company referred to me. It was a ‘family and woman owned’ plumbing outfit, as they proudly proclaim during their opening greeting. Just one forwarding prompt got me to a live person. Love that! This is unheard of these days where there seem to be so many redirected prompts, (which leads me to just banging on the 0 repeatedly) before you hear a voice on the other end. The gentleman listened and made my appointment. A miracle! The technician was at the house within two hours, and he assessed and reported back while he was there. I said “go for it” to his request to order the parts required. Parts were ordered, and he was back here 48 hours later to repair the two issues. He presented a payment invoice and the invoice denoted each charge spelled out, and any form of payment was accepted on the spot. If I weren’t already married, I would want to be married to my new plumbing hero, Marvin.

Why can’t there be more Marvins in the world and organizations like he works for? More importantly, what is Marvin’s company doing to make them more service oriented and efficient than most? Maybe I should try to connect with the “lady at the helm” and ask her.

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler