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Fast Encounter-Lasting Moment

All I could say was “Now that is what I am talking about!”. It was to myself but out loud and animated. I had the best experience that I have ever had at a fast food drive-thru. Here is what made it great. She opened with asking my name and called me by name frequently throughout our brief relationship. Remember, it is only a voice forming the courtship and she made me feel like it would surely lead to a long term marriage. I could hear her warmth and note her devotion to wanting to please and be efficient–just from her voice. The best part–I never had to ask her to repeat what she was saying! Alas, we broke up and went our separate ways but the young lady at the pickup window was also terrific. I give credit to the franchisee owner. He or she has to be instinctively mindful of two critical initiatives (or has already read my book WHY?): the importance of hiring friendly employees that enjoy working with the public coupled with training that emphasizes customer service. A match made in heaven!

2 Comments on “Fast Encounter-Lasting Moment”

  1. Was it Chick-fil-a? They always end with “my pleasure”. It’s the Ritz Carlton of fast food!

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Martha Humler

Martha Humler